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    Running user scripts as part of build?

    Is there a facility in the Symbian build process to run my own perl/python scripts? I'd like to define a perl or python script that I've developed to run before the regular Symbian build is done in Carbide. Its obviously straightforward from the command line but I'd like to provide the same facility within the IDE.

    If there is then I assume its some modification to the mmp or bld.inf file. I have had trouble finding documentation for the format of these (especially the mmp file).

    Anyway, thanks for any clues for this issue.

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    Re: Running user scripts as part of build?

    Create an extension makefile (*.mk) and call your scripts at desired build stage. Place it before the *.mmp entries in bld.inf and your script will be run before the other project's makefile will be executed.

    It works from Carbide.c++ and command line builds as well.
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    Re: Running user scripts as part of build?

    Works like a charm. Thank you very much.

    Here's the template that I used in case someone else is searching for this and stumbles upon this discussion entry :

    do_nothing :
    	@rem do_nothing
    do_build :
    	perl (my perl stuff here)
    MAKMAKE : do_nothing
    BLD : do_build
    CLEAN : do_nothing
    LIB : do_nothing
    CLEANLIB : do_nothing
    RESOURCE : do_nothing
    FINAL : do_nothing
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