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    TLS for Raw TCP socket

    Hello ,

    I have an client application on mobile(N95) which communicates with Server which is standalone(not a web based).

    So I want to write TLS/SSL client on a mobile using J2ME(MIDP 2.0). I understood a protocol(Handshake, Record protocol). Now I want to implement it.

    So is there any library available for doing this. What all steps i need to do in order to implement TLS for Raw TCP Socket.

    Any example which can demonstrate this?

    Any Help?


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    1. javax.microedition.io.SecureConnection
    2. The Legion of the Bouncy Castle
    Did that help?

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    Re: TLS for Raw TCP socket

    Hey Traud,

    Thanks for reply.

    My problem seems to be solved by using "ssl:\\host_nameort" and opening connection using StreamConnection.

    I found that, MIDP 2.0 supported devices has in-built SSL support. So I just opened the SSL connection in midlet and its done.

    and At server side I have used sTunnel open source utility..

    Is this approach correct?

    Correct me if i am going in wrong direction..

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