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    Help plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! DELETE preinstall sis only

    plz help me

    I want to make a sis file setup to delete file or folder during installation

    what is the code in the PKG????????????????????????????????????????

    FILENULL....is only during removal>

    I Want it to delete during INSTALLATION only?

    THANK you!
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    Re: Help plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! DELETE preinstall sis only

    you would need to make a executable that is run during the installation. Unfortunately that is not allowed to be done with PA type sis files.

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    Re: Help plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! DELETE preinstall sis only

    As yucca told it is not allowed . leisurelife_kbj i can suggest u a
    1:Identify when is my first launch:
    on installation place a file example:"CheckStatusInstallation.txt" having a flag 0 and then on first launch write 1 to it.Then when u launch for the second time u check the content of the time if it is 1 then it means that it is not your first launch.Bundle this "CheckStatusInstallation.txt" with a default value 0

    2: Delete the file or folder on the first launch:
    As you now know that this is the first launch. Try a run a code in constructor to delete that specific folder or file.

    void MyClassContainer:Constructor()
    void MyClassContainer::CheckStatusL()
         RFs fs;  
        //initialise fs.
        RFile file;
       //initialise fs.
        TInt Status;
       if (KErrNone == file.Open(fs, _L("CheckStatusInstallation.txt"), EFileRead))
                TInt Size = 0;
                TBuf8<10> tmp;
                file.Read(tmp, tmp.MaxLength());
                TLex8 lex(tmp);
    	    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); //file
    	    if (DbStatus == 0)
    		if (BaflUtils::FileExists(fs, FileToDelete))  //delete the file
                //if   you want to delete a folder write a code here
        //check and close file,fs  if not will get  alloc error
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