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    How to display SVG-T files?

    Hi all,
    I'm writing a program that displays lots of map .png images. But I'd like to use SVG-T instead, to save space and improve zooming.

    So is there any way in Python code to display SVG-T files? I understand that the canvas is unable to do this. There is a way mentioned here: http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/445
    But it seems to require that you have a 2nd ed Symbian phone. I'm using a 3rd ed N95, so no .mbm file.

    Can a listbox be used to display a SVG-T over the whole screen?

    Any way to do this would be much appreciated

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    Re: How to display SVG-T files?

    I'm interested in this, too. Since S60 device can show SVG-T files, how can I do the same myself within code? How can I access MMF (MultiMedia Framework)? Would ctype help with this?

    Btw NeoSpagetti, here's what can be done now: you can pack SVG-T files in MIF and use MIF as icons in listbox. Not really useful, unless you're doing listbox based app




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