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Thread: Missing images

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    Missing images

    I submitted our app along with a bunch of images added according to the guidelines in the Publisher Guide for the OVI store.

    However several of the images we submitted with the app are not displayed on OVI the mobile or the webtop. These include:
    o Original stream icon
    o Main promotional image
    o Level 2 stream icon
    o Main level 2 and 4 promotional images

    I can't see that these have been used anywhere on OVI on the webtop or the mobile. Why are these not displayed??

    The only images that are displayed on both webtop and mobile are:
    - Level 1 stream icon
    - Main level 1 promotional image
    - Level 3 stream icon
    - Main level 3 promotional image
    - Main level 5 promotional image

    Where are the rest???

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    Re: Missing images

    Please contact publishtoovi.support@nokia.com, this forum is not the support intake. While it is monitored by publisher support members they will not respond to your personal query here.

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