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    Question Ftp in commercial app


    I'm a very new to both and Symbian c++ and just starting with the continued development of a commercial application for the S60 3rd edition. Within this application we need to upload some files to a server using ftp. Now what I would like to know is what is the best way to go about this?

    The library in the ftp example code seems to be gpl which would mean that to use it, the whole application would need to be open source right? Then there is the libraries included with the SDK, but they are marked as "internal components", which I don't really know what it means. Their use is discouraged, which I also dont really understand why. What are the risks/implications of using them anyway?

    I could of course write what I need by myself, but I'm doing this as part of my thesis and since I'm on a schedule and it's not part of my subject, I would prefer to not have to put too much effort into it.


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    Re: Ftp in commercial app

    You should read that actual license. There is a difference between being obliged to distribute your complete product in source code, or just distributing the FTP code covered by the license - and which source code is available already after all.
    Both cases can occur, depending on which variant of L/GPL you meet.

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