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    how to manage transaprency in m3g


    I have an image with a transparent background and I want to texture it on a mesh, the problem is that if I do it , I have a black area around in the background zone.
    Do you have any idea on how to play with the blending and the compositing mode in order to obtain the transparency?Here is what I used to create this

    Image2D image2D = new Image2D( Image2D.RGB, iImage );
    textureLeaf = new Texture2D( image2D );
    CompositingMode cm = new CompositingMode();
    Mesh cubeMesh = new Mesh(_cubeVertexData, _cubeTriangles2, appearance2);

    Thank you

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    Re: how to manage transaprency in m3g

    It looks like your texture doesn't have an alpha channel, so it won't have any transparency either. Try using Image2D.RGBA instead of Image2D.RGB, and make sure that the source image ("iImage") has an actual alpha channel (instead of color-key transparency). You should also use CompositingMode.ALPHA instead of REPLACE. I hope this helps.


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