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    Nokia Service - Repair N82

    I really don´t know if my post fits well in here, but I´m getting bored about the repair service that has been made to my N82, and I hope I can get some help in here.

    My mobile phone only has 6 months and when it reached the first 4 months started to heat a lot, even when turned off. The battery only lasts for 5 hours and then the phone just dyes. I took it to my Nokia distributor in Portugal and today I´ll take it there again for the 5th time to go to repair... Last time I pick it up from repair it was yesterday, and they say the phone went to the factory to be repaired 2 times, but it always comes back with the same problem.

    I just want to know what can I do, because it´s a new phone and it was expensive, it´s an N82... can someone tell me what do I need to do so that I can move forward on this? Do I need a miracle so that Nokia can give me a new phone or at least "really" repair this one? :|

    Sorry if my frustrastion doesn´t fit 100% on this forum, but the Portuguese Nokia is not really helping me on this... and it hurts to buy an expensive phone from the top brand and cannot used it...at least I have my 7yr old 6210 which is still working as new!

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    Re: Nokia Service - Repair N82

    Welcome to the Dibo :-)

    Well you guessed it right, your post doesnt fit in here as this is a developer discussion group :-)

    Your query looks more like an end user one and for a more suitable and end-user focused answer please see http://www.nokia.com/support or http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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