I use RHTTPSession under v9.1A.
My client sends a standard HTTP request to a server, which replies with a Set-Cookie defining a JSESSIONID.

My problem is that I don't want to use/send the corresponding header attribute Cookie: JSESSIONID=... in my following request, but the HTTP layer seems to force the sending of that attribute, from time to time.

Before iTransaction.SubmitL(), I take a look to all raw fields of the request header, and nothing equals Cookie or Cookie2, but nevertheless the client sends it.

I have installed a MHTTPFilter with ECookie and even ETidyUp positions, but still no Cookie in header when MHFRunL() is called.

Same behavior also observed when S60 browser configuration is set to refuse cookies (who knows...).

Has anyone encountered such behavior?
Is there any reason why the HTTP layer would force the management of the JSESSIONID cookie?

Thanks in advance for your replies.