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    connectivity of 6100 to Palm Tungsten

    I already sought the support of Globe Technical people regarding my problem on how to connect my new 6100 to my new Palm Tungsten T. They told me that NoKia and Palm never seemed to admit whose at fault here. They point fingers to each other. I was very disappointed with my new Nokia 6100 because i thought with it's high price, it would easily connect with anything. But i was dead wrong.
    With GPRS facility, IT WON'T CONNECT. The fone message says subscribe to GPRS - and the fact really is, i was subscribed to it already. It connected with another Nokia phone. Everything but Nokia 6100.
    I challenge Nokia developers, please do something about this, or else, by word-of-mouth i would SHOUT to the world not to buy any of Nokia's fone ever. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS. SALAMAT.

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    Please contact the Club Nokia Careline for help in this problem.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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