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    E71 Nokia VPN to Cisco VPN 3000

    I am trying to use Nokia VPN client to connect to my company's Cisco VPN Concentrator 3000.
    My company policy requires user authentication after preshared key (group) authentication.
    3DES-MD5 IPsec proposal with DH group 2 with XAUTH is required. No PFS is required.

    I tried to configure Nokia VPN policy by two ways:

    1- With the "Nokia Mobile VPN Client Policy Tool for Microsoft Windows" on page:

    2- The makesis.exe utility supplied in a forum.

    With both methods, I tried to set everything as it should be. But when I try to connect to the VPN , I get a "unable to activate" message after some time.
    In the VPN logs I see the error code : 5258 (which points to "IKE negotiation with gateway failed because there was no acceptable proposal")

    What is it that I am doing wrong ? How can I troubleshoot and solve ?

    I can send my .vpn file to use with the 1st method and/or .pol + .pkg + .pin files to use with the second method if anyone wants to have a look.


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    Re: E71 Nokia VPN to Cisco VPN 3000

    There was an endless thread about VPN policy profiles, just search for vpn, and select the thread with 322 replies. You can read it if you want, and before/after/instead of that you can visit the locations suggested by Nokia Ron in the closing post (http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...&postcount=323)

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    Re: E71 Nokia VPN to Cisco VPN 3000

    ok; thank you. I'll post it to the correct forum.
    Unfortunately even though it seems to be a simple problem I couldn't find enough help anywhere.
    A thread with 322 replies isn't a good place to start with.

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