I am trying to use Nokia VPN client to connect to my company's Cisco VPN Concentrator 3000.
My company policy requires user authentication after preshared key (group) authentication.
3DES-MD5 IPsec proposal with DH group 2 with XAUTH is required. No PFS is required.

I tried to configure Nokia VPN policy by two ways:

1- With the "Nokia Mobile VPN Client Policy Tool for Microsoft Windows" on page:

2- The makesis.exe utility supplied in a forum.

With both methods, I tried to set everything as it should be. But when I try to connect to the VPN , I get a "unable to activate" message after some time.
In the VPN logs I see the error code : 5258 (which points to "IKE negotiation with gateway failed because there was no acceptable proposal")

What is it that I am doing wrong ? How can I troubleshoot and solve ?

I can send my .vpn file to use with the 1st method and/or .pol + .pkg + .pin files to use with the second method if anyone wants to have a look.