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    CHTTPFormEncoder equivalent in Qt?

    I need to do a HTTP POST to a webserver, that accepts the POST data as form encoded format. This web server doest have a method to do the POST, instead the data is set in POST body.

    We did this successfully for S60 using CHTTPFormEncoder. I added the values to CHTTPFormEncode and set to HTTP using RHttpTransaction::Request().SetBody()

    We are struck in Qt at this point, as there is no equivalent to CHTTPFormEncoder. The documentation says to use QHttp::request(), but that doest work.

    Is there any work around, if so please suggest.

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    Re: CHTTPFormEncoder equivalent in Qt?

    Perhaps you should take a look at QNetworkRequest and QNetworkAccessManager:


    That might be closer to what you are looking for.

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