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    image details - name and copyright

    if I access an image directly via wap (eg. http://mysite.com/image.gif), the 7210 shows the message "image received" and offers to view the details (name, resolution etc.) of the image.

    for a "normal" gif/jpg image, the fields name and copyright are empty. is there a way to get something in there? does the phone recognize special formatted image comments?



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    RE: image details - name and copyright


    If you are using COD method (content objector descriptor) to download images, you can define attributes such as name and size which will be displayed to the user. For more information about COD and possible attributes for downloadable content, see document "OTA download for generic content - Service Developer's Guide" at Forum Nokia web site, http://www.forum.nokia.com/documents.

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    I have the same question....

    I am using a COD to download graphics/ringtones for a 7210.

    I can get the name and other attributes to display before the actual file is downloaded. However, once the file is downloaded and I'm given the option to "View/Save/Details", all of that information is missing and I have to manually type in a name to save it. Why is that?

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    I'm having the exact problem. Did you manage to know what is wrong?

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