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    Can't import bld.inf

    Hi All!

    I can't import the bld.inf file. Carbide reports:

    Invalid project description.
    C:\Workspace_A\Project_B overlaps the location of another project: 'Project_B'

    Really, the Project_B exists in another locations, but there is no any other project with the same name in Workspace_A (to be exact, there is no any other projects excepting Project_B in Workspace_A). Where and why does Carbide look for and found other instances of Project_B?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Can't import bld.inf

    the .cdtproject and .project files that get created within the application folder are the ones that get referenced to while trying to load the project on to carbide, those are the ones that cause the problem.

    I have seen this issue many times, more often then not the only way I use to resolve it is to save the project outside the workspace.

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    Re: Can't import bld.inf

    Thanks for your reply.


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