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    Nokia 7210 and 3510i image loading - Serious issue with handset & emulator

    Hi all,

    This question is a follow up to the questions posted in October 2002. There has been no Nokia response verifying or denying this serious issue, and I would greatly appreciate an answer or at least some more information on it.

    The phone fails when many images are being loaded. When I tried it in the emulator, all the lines in the method (which loaded the images) were executed (I had some println's in there to tell me what had ran), but the screen displayed a STOP sign and the message: "Unable to run application" as soon as the method started. This is on an 3510i emulator.

    If anyone from Nokia reads this, please advise on your position on this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Adrian Hill.

    Below are links to the original article, and a few to other articles on this. No workaround or solution has been given:


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    RE: Nokia 7210 and 3510i image loading - Serious issue with handset & emulator

    You need to have your code catch OutOfMemoryErrors. An uncaught throwable in your MIDlet will cause the "Unable to run application" crash.

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    I'm new at J2ME, but it looks as though I've been able to avoid this problem by declaring my Images to be static.

    This makes sure I have only one instance of my images in memory. The 'Unable to run application' error occurs either because you have a very large amount of images, or because you are re-declaring existing images, but due to an error the old object is not removed from the heap, and just sits in memory unused.

    Hope this helps!
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