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    User perspective: WRT support S60 FP1 vs FP2


    A recent post on the web said:

    "WRT tools support Nokia handsets - 27 models including all those running Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 and above. WRT plug-ins also support select S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 devices, with a Nokia software updater."

    (a) As a user (not a developer) does this imply I have to firmware update my S60 3d FP1 phone before a WRT capable app will run?

    (b) Does this imply that I can freely use any WRT capable app without any firmware updates on my S60 3rd FP2 phone?

    (c) If I run a WRT app on a non supported phone what message do i as a user get to advise me to do a firmware update?


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    Re: User perspective: WRT support S60 FP1 vs FP2

    a : depends on when the device was bought and what firmware version was in it. If the firmware version in the device is not supporting WRT, then a update is required in order to support WRT Widgets.

    b: Yes. Provided that no platform service APIs etc are not used with it. Platform services are supported from 5th edition.

    c: You can not install a WRT widget into a device that does not support it. No advises are given though.

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    Re: User perspective: WRT support S60 FP1 vs FP2

    Thank you for prompt response.

    By Platform Services in 5th edition i presume you mean hoemscreen widget capabilty?


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    Re: User perspective: WRT support S60 FP1 vs FP2

    No, he means the ability of a WRT widget to access phone features, such as contacts and location through Java Script extension APIs.
    The Home screen and its WRT Widget support is not a platfrom feature on S60 5th Edition, it is a device specific feature on Nokia N97.

    Of course an "user" does not need to know all that Please use an end-user focused site for discussions about Nokia products, you can share there the info collected here as well.
    -- Lucian

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