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    Accessing resource file at run-time

    My app needs to access/load resource files (image or xml) at run-time.
    QFile file("./config.xml");

    I just want to know where should I put these resource files in for the emulator WINSCW. I have tried to copy resource files into the launch folder:
    But, it seems dosen't work.

    Same kind of question is how to create package (sisx) with additoinal resource files in?

    Any help? thanks
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    Re: Accessing resource file at run-time

    Welcome to Forum Nokia DiBo.

    QDir::currentPath() returns the absolute path of the application's current directory, private path. so it is better to place files at private path on device, and then get path using QDir::currentPath().

    For emulator ..\epoc32\winscw\c\private\<UID of app> is the current directory for application. so put your files there to access in emulator.

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    Re: Accessing resource file at run-time

    Great help! thanks

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    Re: Accessing resource file at run-time


    You can use DEPLOYMENT variable in the .pro file to include files to the sis package.
    symbian: {                           
        addFiles.sources = logo.bmp
        addFiles.path = .
        DEPLOYMENT += addFiles
    That will add the following line into the generated pkg file

    "c:\symbian\Carbide\workspace\Test\logo.bmp"    - "!:\private\eff58179\logo.bmp"
    For details see:

    Best Regards,
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