We have this problem for more than a week now, and there has been no reaction from Support , neither to emails or comments on the dev account.
I post here in hope someone will offer any sort of help.

There are two major problems I will address here:

1. For quite a few days, our Java game "Joyland Bounce" has gone missing from the Ovi Store webpage. It was there at launch, everything was fine for about a week, then it went away along with half the applications on the store ?!
The item can not be found any longer on Ovi Store (should have been Games/Arcade)
A search for this item, by name, will return no results if the user is not logged in.
If the user is logged in, the search by name will return the item but when trying to access it, the dreaded " Sorry, this item is no longer available. " message is displayed.
The correct, supported phone type is selected.
What is going on?

2. Soon after the store opened we realized that the Stream Icon and Promotional Images we submitted were not of proper quality so we decided to update them. Unlocked the content item / replaced the images with improved versions / locked the content item again, at which point it went again under review.
I personally made it clear at the time, by comment for the content item, that the builds were not changed! However, it seems that the QA people re-tested the same builds anyway. The same old builds that they had previously approved and which were clearly not changed.
During this review an error showed up on the Nokia 5300 ( "Application error" on launch). We are sure this was a mistake on the tester's part because:

a) They had previously approved the exact same build.
b) There is at least one case on the support forum of a developer complaining about the same issue of a non-existent error brought up by QA on the 5300.
c) The build works for us with no error and always has worked.

We have anyway removed the 5300 from the supported devices list, just to speed up the review.
Once more, I personally explained everything above in a comment for the content item.
It has been a long while and nothing else happened, the status of the item is still "pending". What is going on?

I will not even go into other problems of Ovi at this time, these two are the most pressing issues for us.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thank You,
Bogdan Suteu