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    Question Odd failure notice. Any idea what it means?

    I received the following QA reject notice today have have no idea what it means. The file is a passive content SISX, ESRB "E" content, and check-marked for any carrier or any language. One of our in-house test targets is the N73, so I know it works on the device:

    Thank you for submitting mixPACK - Inf Mush - Smashing. This item did not
    pass our quality assurance (QA) process.

    Comments from the QA team:
    Failed (public, Qa in progress -> Qa failed)

    The file failed QA on the following target(s):

    * Device: S60 3rd Edition - 240x320 - Nokia N73

    Then in the failure notice area on publish.ovi.com:

    Failed: 2.2%
    Devices: Nokia N73
    Operators: There are no operators with status 'Failed'
    Languages: There are no languages with status 'Failed'

    With the following note from the tester:

    By Anwar (9 minutes ago)

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    Re: Odd failure notice. Any idea what it means?

    Normally the tester enters the reasons which caused it to failed. Strange they didn't this time - how will you know what to fix?

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