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    Bluetooth console bug on XM 5800 - 1.9.5

    Choose Option -> Bluetooth console

    If default host is set up correctly this works every time.

    HOWEVER, if you choose connect to other... and you select a device that doesn't have a serial port, the BT console will fail.

    Fair enough.

    But next time you go to BT console and select 'other...' it won't run the bt_discover again, it will just remember the last device, and will raise the error again. And again, and again....

    Even if you exit the script shell, BT console will still remember the 'other....' setting and won't let you choose the correct device. At this point the only option is to reboot the phone.

    This is not right, the 'other....' option should let you choose a new device, not default to the last one without asking.

    Can someone verify this important bug please?


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    Re: Bluetooth console bug on XM 5800 - 1.9.5

    If you think it's a bug, please report here:



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    Re: Bluetooth console bug on XM 5800 - 1.9.5

    Feel its related to a known bug, https://garage.maemo.org/tracker/ind...=854&atid=3201

    You can raise a new bug though and if found that they are related, one of them shall be treated as a duplicate of the other.

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