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    USB on Nokia5800


    I am preparing a project with Nokia5800. In the project, it is needed to connect the phone to an external device through USB.

    I have found some information about USB on Symbian 3rd edition at:

    But the Nokia5800 uses the Symbian 5th edition, the previous article will be useful with Nokia5800? If not, could you send me some information about USB on Nokia5800?

    By other side, I know that Nokia5800 does not implement USB On The Go, so the external device connected to phone MUST implement USB On The Go. However, the external device should be supplied from phone. Is it possible? The USB connector can supply other device?
    If the USB connector can't, could I use the battery connector to supply my external device?

    Thanks and excuse my bad english,


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    Re: USB on Nokia5800

    propably it is, thus you should try it out and see whether you are encountering any problems with it.

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