With all the OVI to Apple comparisons (mostly by Apple apologists bashing Nokia - OMG! You can make a video call on your phone!?!?) I thought I'd post a link to this article. Most people I know with an app on the iPhone app store have made less than $100. I hate to go all "Nokia Fanboy", but if there's any place to do it, Forum Nokia would be it.


Martin surveyed 100 development teams, received 85 usable responses, and found that 52% of the developers had earned less than $15,000 for their efforts and 33% earned less than $250.

For those bringing in more significant sums, the breakdown is as follows:

* 2%, $15,001-$50,000
* 1%, $50,001-$100,000
* 1%, $100,001-$250,000
* 1%, $500,001-$2,000,000

About 38% did not disclose revenue.