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    Open C Console app on N97

    I developed some open c code that will ultimately be used by some Symbian programmers that are developing their own UI. However, I'd like to actually test what I've developed on my N97 but I know nothing about Symbian GUI programming (nor am I that interested in learning it). I can test my code fine using the emulator and setting it to use textshell in epoc.ini but how do I go about getting this command line program to the N97 or is that just not possible? My unit tests require access to the file system and the network.

    I've written my tests using cxxtest which I was familiar with from Unix, Mac and iPhone land. I found this link on the 3rd edition phones - http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...ith_Unit_Tests. The steps don't quite work the same with the N97 SDK but I would think I can puzzle it out given that this is the right path to go down with getting my code to run on the actual device.

    Can anyone advice on the easiest route to get my code tested on the actual device? Any links to 5th edition examples? Thanks.

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    Re: Open C Console app on N97

    I modified my code to use the CxxTest::StdioPrinter and output to a text file in c:\Data. I signed the unit test program and can connect up the device with TRK and step through the code or run it on the device. Granted, it has no UI but it does work and this is fine for my needs.

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