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    How to purchase Verisign certificate?

    Hello all,

    I've finished my java app and because it depends on restricted API, I need to purchase a certificate. Does one need "to own" a registered company (ltd) to purchase a Verisign certificate?

    In Slovenia (where I live) there is an alternative to LTD. It's intended for people who are normally employed during the working hours (40hrs/week), but need some form of business entity to invoice their "afternoon" clients. For example my regular job is to develop IT systems, but in my "spare time" I could be developing websites for other clients which I could then invoice.
    This form of company does have Company title, VAT number etc. The "only" difference is that one with that kind of company is responsible with all his/hers wealth.

    Since I'm not that familiar with the terminology, I hope you'll understand my question.


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    Re: How to purchase Verisign certificate?

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    Re: How to purchase Verisign certificate?

    Hi bhanuchandar.k,

    thanks for the reply. Regarding link you posted - this is the place where I initially realized that I might have to have a legally registered organization to acquire a certificate. After some more reading, I came across text below:

    VeriSign substantiates that a signing entity is a legally registered organization and contacts each organization using independently verified contact information to ensure it is that organization that is requesting a certificate. Annual audits by KPMG confirm the thoroughness of VeriSign’s approach to identity assurance.

    Which, if I'm not mistaken, means that one must own registered organization to be able to purchase a certificate, because being a "freelance" developer is just not enough. Am I right?

    THX in advance,

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