A bit of background:
We are a VoIP provider already promoting Nokia phones to our customers for use with our VoIP services.

Our Aim:
We are looking to develop a widgit for the the N97 which will work with our VoIP services and the inbuilt Nokia SIP client.

We have just purchased an N97 to commence development of this widget. While setting our development environment we have found:
1) the N97 will register with our servers, GREAT
2) The N97 does not appear to respond to incoming SIP connection requests
3) The nokia contacts application no longer has the "internet phone field" as the E65 does.
4) The N97 is unable to initiate a VoIP call.
5) The N97 phone setting does not allow you to set the internet call option.

Can someone please help us resolve the above issues so that we can create the widget we wish too. We are sure it will help to sell many nokia N97s.

The MondoTalk Team