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    retrieve phone book code example and post to http (GPRS)

    hello all, i wonder if anyone can help me, im new to the whole MIDP thing. First off will it be possible to retrieve the phones 'phone book' and let the user pick a number from there? will it also be possible to send the users MSISDN along when you post the GPRS data to a web site or do this through a socket connection? any code examples or links to any references, will be really appreciated!!


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    RE: retrieve phone book code example and post to http (GPRS)


    Due to the "sandBox" feature of MIDlet in mobile device, MIDlet has been restricted to access any native resources of the device such as the "phone book" you mentioned. So it's not possible to retrieve a phone number from device and send it as the GPRS data.

    MIDP 1.0 specification requires all the MIDP devices must support HTTP connection, whether or not support socket connection depends on the implemention of different vendors. In order to make your MIDlets work in most of the devices but not only specific device, HTTP connection is recommended. Even in the coming MIDP 2.0 specification, socket connection is not mandatory required.

    If you would like to retrieve the phone number from users, make a server side application and ask users to send their phone numbers to server maybe a solution.


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