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    Smile Opening Web Browser on Open

    I'm trying to create a widget that opens a website in the web browser on the phone straight away. So it has the usual web browser options. (For example 5800) Has the 3 tabs at the footer of the web page you are viewing unless you go full screen mode. Could someone help me out as all I can do is open the web page in a widget and load a website. Just the full screen web page displays with no 'Back' option. Only an 'Exit' and 'Options' (does nothing).

    I'm quite new to this, so help appreciated.

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    Re: Opening Web Browser on Open

    Hello Carl,

    Recently I wrote a blog post which may be of interest to you.

    The punch link is to set the window.location variable.

    This became part of a large tutorial on the Symbian Foundation wiki
    (An account is required during the beta period, sorry.)


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