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    Streaming audio via WRT


    Using the WRT, I want to stream some audio. For this application, I can get audio in either mp3 or real format. The browser itself wants to save the audio to a file first. This is a crummy user experience. So, I'm trying to use either the real player (0x10005a3e) or music player (0x102072c3). Unfortunately, the parameters aren't defined in the "Web Developer's Library".

    var realUID = 0x10005a3e;
    var musicPlayerUID = 0x102072c3;

    The real player seems to ignore the URL passed to it. The music player assumes it is an add command. Maybe this adds it to a play list. I don't know.

    Where can I find the syntax for the parameters?


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    Re: Streaming audio via WRT

    if I remember right the stream must be using RTSP, and if the string RTSP is not found from the Url, it is not opened, could be that I'm wrong, but something to try about..

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    Re: Streaming audio via WRT

    Hi John,

    cannot really help you with the exact parameters to be passed to Real Player, but a possible alternative: have you tried passing the RTSP link to the S60 Browser application (using "4" + "<white_space>" + "<rtsp_link>")?

    Hope it helps,

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