Dear Sir,
I?m testing GPRS modem model Nokia M30 and Nokia D211 with Microsoft SQL Server 2000. First, I chose one computer to be the server and another to be a client. I transferred data from GPRS modem (client) to normal modem (server) and it worked. Then, I installed programme Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in two computers. I tried to copy database from server to client and from client to server by using function Data Transformation Service (sub function Import/Export) of MS SQL Server 2000. I linked the server with normal modem (speed 40 Kb/sec) to Remote Access Server (RAS) and linked the client with GPRS Modem (speed 40 Kb/sec). I?ve found that the server can see only the name of another computer but it could not find the database of the client. However, the client can?t see anything from the server. What do you think about this situation? Is it because programme Microsoft SQL server 2000 has too much overhead? How can I solve this problem?

Yours sincerely,
Chada Fenlington

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