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    Report PyS60 1.9.x defects - PLEASE !!!

    Happy to tell that I've received "fixed" emails for a couple of 1.9.5 defects I reported. Had same experience with 1.9.4 earlier and at that time was wondering a bit. Now I'm extremely happy to tell that: YES, PyS60 1.9.x team is following defect database and YES they really are fixing defects from defect database !!!


    Request: if you're using PyS60 1.9.x and find something weird, please consider writing a defect report. If you're unsure, you can check first here at FN DiBo for a second opinion. Then write that defect report

    My only worry is that there aren't enough defect reports and team manager decides they are done - and release PyS60 2.0.0 version! Better get fixes BEFORE that release! I've done some new apps with 1.9.5, but now I'll start "porting" older apps. Hope to find lots of problems as fast as possible.

    Happy midsummering,

    --jouni looking forward to PyS60 1.9.6 release

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    Re: Report PyS60 1.9.x defects - PLEASE !!!

    Thanks JOM for all the bugs that you have reported

    Please please start porting all your apps!
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    import antigravity

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    Re: Report PyS60 1.9.x defects - PLEASE !!!

    Is there an official list of defects and fixes? Someplace where I can check to see the reported defects and even check if a found defect was previously reported.

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    Re: Report PyS60 1.9.x defects - PLEASE !!!

    There you can see what bug reports and feature requests have been submited.

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    Re: Report PyS60 1.9.x defects - PLEASE !!!


    As per my thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=170757 I believe I'm still having the issue reported with ID 3284 back in January. The bad thing is that the bug appears closed.

    Here's the link to the bug:


    I don't have an account at maemo, anyone that can report this, please?

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    Re: Report PyS60 1.9.x defects - PLEASE !!!

    Not only defects - they follow featured requests too.

    My request of - converting to pyc option with Python application packager was adapted in 1.9.5. So was an older request of listbox with scrollbars.

    So don't hesitate to have submit your featured requests too
    Pankaj Nathani

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