I am developing an application which runs in fullscreen mode.
1. Cba is disabled by calling Cba()->MakeVisible(EFalse) in appui::ConstructL
2. Status pane is disabled by default using the code
CEikStatusPane* statusPane = CEikonEnv::Static()->AppUiFactory()->StatusPane();

when a special key is pressed (lets say Leftsoftkey), status pane needs to be displayed and when this key is pressed again, status pane display is disabled -> thus making the app switching btw full screen and non-fullscreen. However, Cba never needs to be visible.

This is working fine in S60 3rd edition in both portrait and landscape modes.

Started testing on S60 5th edition emulator.
working fine on portrait mode.
In landscape mode i am facing a problem - Toolbar buttons (middle 3 buttons - check the middle aread between -SK and +SK in the figure in link http://library.forum.nokia.com/index...C6C6029D4.html) are getting displayed and i am not able to use this area for drawing thus not allowing the app to be full screen. Obviously the soft keys area is being used by my app.

Is there any special code to be written for disabling display of the 3 buttons?