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    How to get User defined menu items in a form?


    I need to provide some user defined menu items in the menu pane used in a form.. sinece the form has a set of user defined menu constants if i disable all of those ..how do i give some user defined ones instead..
    for ex: instead of the ADD,DELETE,SAVE,LABEL i want to give RESET, IGNORE etc...
    Could any one please tell me whether its possible or not ...ASAP
    I am not able to find a way to do it...

    thanks in advance.

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    RE: How to get User defined menu items in a form?

    To remove the default menu items:// FORM default menu constants
    Listed in avkon.hrh

    void CAppForm::DynInitMenuPaneL( TInt aResourceId, CEikMenuPane* aMenuPane )
    // This is optional, if you would like to depend on Form state
    //TBool editOptionDimmed = IsEditable();
    if (aResourceId == R_AVKON_FORM_MENUPANE) // View messages
    aMenuPane->SetItemDimmed(EAknFormCmdEdit, ETrue /* editOptionDimmed */);
    aMenuPane->SetItemDimmed(EAknFormCmdLabel, ETrue);
    aMenuPane->SetItemDimmed(EAknFormCmdAdd, ETrue);
    aMenuPane->SetItemDimmed(EAknFormCmdDelete, ETrue);
    aMenuPane->SetItemDimmed(EAknFormCmdSave, ETrue);
    Add your own menu, by calling Form's ConstructL() with your menubar (resource) id.

    void CAknForm::ConstructL ( TInt aMenuBarId = 0 )

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    (V) - Forum Nokia Developer Support

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