Am developing a MIDlet which displays location on a non-GPS mobile having JSR-179 (Nokia N73). Am using the following code for the same-

Criteria ct = new Criteria();
LocationProvider provider = LocationProvider.getInstance(ct);
Location loc = provider.getLocation(240);
. . . . . . . .

However, everytime i run the app it gets as the location provider irrespective of the criteria. Then it fails to get the location information. Probably it is always looking for some GPS provider. How do i ensure that it uses some other provider (operator) for
Network based location information (i.e. cellphone triangulation kind of thing) ?
Or putting it simply, using J2ME how can i discover Network based location information for non-GPS mobile.

P.S.- I am sure that my operator supports Location discovery. I have tried the same app on some other mobiles as well, but getting the same result.