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    change RightSoftkeyLabel when html page changed


    I want to change RightSoftkeyLabel when load a new html page.

    i am using
    window.menu.setRightSoftkeyLabel("Back", returnToMainView);
    to override the RightSoftkeyLabel but it is not working.

    plz help me

    thanks in advance


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    Re: change RightSoftkeyLabel when html page changed

    Its been my experience that when you load a new html page into a WRT application, the WRT environment disables proprietary apis like the widget api. So, you will not be able to use the softkey after loading a new HTML file. These apis are only available to the startup HTML file specified in the configuration file.

    A work around is to load html fragment into the body tag of the startup html file, using Javascript and AJAX response.text.

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