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    Config file gets deleted when installing new .SIS


    we are having a strange problem with the installation of new versions of our application.

    We have three config files stored in the private directory of the app. When we install a .SIS with a new version of the app (without uninstalling before) one of the files gets deleted and the new version cannot read the older values.

    It is very strange, as only one of them is missing; the other two keep in the directory normally.

    We have checked that all of them are created and read with the previous version of the app, and that we are not overwriting the file with a new one during the new installation.

    Any hints? Could be related to the way these files are created...? (just to say something...)


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    Re: Config file gets deleted when installing new .SIS

    I would re-check the sis file, if the file is not included in the pkg, it should not be deleted, provided of course that the re-isntallation is into the same folder..

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