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    Wheres the winning app from a Nokia Developer 24-hour Nokia Hackathon event 2009

    Wheres the developer app on the store entitled "Rocket" (SoLo)
    "David Emmanuel Castro Guerrero (Mexico) - Social Location Widget"

    see the press release Nokia Developer Conference 2009 winners
    Not only does Guerrero win a brand new Nokia N97 pre-loaded with his widget on the home screen, the application will also have prime status on the homepage of the new Ovi Store, which launches soon, and will be free to download for Nokia N97 owners in all Ovi Store launch countries. These include Australia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

    Any ideas, tried the obvious search "Rocket", widget, logged in, logged out some may say this is a user problem, but suspect that this is another search problem.
    Cant think why its not here?

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    Question Re: Wheres the winning app from a Nokia Developer 24-hour Nokia Hackathon event 2009

    I cant find it myself looks like a brill app just cant find it

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