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    application hangs on real device while connecting


    I have an application sending and receiving data to/from a server using datagrams, this application works great on simulator and connects to remote server too, even i tested it on online real device over 3G works great again, but when i install it to my physical device E75 it doesnt connect to commuincate to server instead it hangs when i select the access point. the application also seems to be working on other physical device this is E51. On E75 othe application can access internet well. The kind of data service i have on E75/E51 is EDGE. What can be reason ?

    Any clue ? How i can make it work ? The code is simple socket API using datagrams i.e. Sendo and Recvfrom functions.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: application hangs on real device while connecting

    I would try putting some file logging (or try out on device debugging) to find out where it hangs. Also if you have any Active objects made that are using the WaitForRequest things, do change them to be using a real active object implementation.

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