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    [MDFDevVideo] SetInputFormatL failed with -5

    Hi everybody,

    I am using MDFDevVideo Record API(http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...deo_Record_API), on a N95 8GB.

    The problem is that the SetInputFormatL function failed with code error -5, while it works fine on a emulator.
    This is the part of code where I use it ;

    // Input format
      	RDebug::Printf("Setting input format");
            TSize size(LARGEUR,HAUTEUR);
            TUncompressedVideoFormat fmt;
            fmt.iDataFormat = EYuvRawData;
            fmt.iYuvFormat.iCoefficients = EYuvBt601Range1; // BT.601 coeffs, full rane
            fmt.iYuvFormat.iPattern = EYuv420Chroma1; //EYuv420Chroma2;
            fmt.iYuvFormat.iDataLayout = EYuvDataPlanar;
            fmt.iYuvFormat.iYuv2RgbMatrix = NULL;
            fmt.iYuvFormat.iRgb2YuvMatrix = NULL;
            fmt.iYuvFormat.iAspectRatioNum = 3; //1;
            fmt.iYuvFormat.iAspectRatioDenom = 4; //1;
            RDebug::Printf("Avant Setting SetinputFormatL 8");
            TRAPD(err,iDvr->SetInputFormatL(iEnc, fmt, size));
            //iDvr->SetInputFormatL(iEnc, fmt, size);
            RDebug::Printf("Apres Setting SetinputFormatL");
            if ( err != KErrNone ) {
                    //LFPRINT((_L("SetInputFormatL - yuv failed with %d"), err));
                    RDebug::Printf("SetInputFormatL -yuv failed with %d", err);
    I found no help on the documentation or in internet, so I don't know what can I do ...
    Any suggestions can help me, thanks.
    Regards and Peace.


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    Re: [MDFDevVideo] SetInputFormatL failed with -5

    Note that support of audio and video formats is one field where the emulator and the actual devices can greatly differ.
    However what is more important is the fact that your device is an S60 3rd FP1 one, while the MDF API-s are available for S60 3rd FP2 (and perhaps S60 5th).

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    Re: [MDFDevVideo] SetInputFormatL failed with -5

    Ok thanks for the precision
    oh I'm really unlucky with symbian, I think I'll try with this
    Regards and Peace.


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