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    Using ringtones with Java Apps

    Dear friends,
    Is it possible to use the native ringtones already included in the different Nokia devices to "spice" our Java applications? The idea is to use those ringtones for certain events, like launching a game or when you win, etc.
    With this we could save a lot of space in the application, by not having the additional load of content.
    If it is possible, could you please direct me to the specs for that.
    Thanks much for your help.

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    RE: Using ringtones with Java Apps

    J2ME is a sandbox environment... The only things you have access to are what you put into the application yourself. People have asked if it's possible to access contacts, images, etc. from the phone itself, but none of these are possible because of this reason. This kind of thing might be possible with Symbian, but I haven't looked far enough into the documentation to come up with an answer. There may be a way you can find some royalty-free ringtones online that you can use in your app, but this does require you actually including them in your app resources and then writing the code to load and play them.

    Hope this helps.


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