I have a Nokia Slide 3600 and am trying to send SMS commands with the modem coneected with a cable.

Most of the AT commands work and I can read a phone book OK. I seem to be able to send an SMS command but the storage commands (AT+CPMS) does not allow a storage area to be selected and there are many SMS related commands not supported (reading messages from a store and so on).

I think that we can send an SMS but not read or write messages into the phone or SIM. This means that the ETSI compliant AT commands are not working properly here and presumably we must use the PC API. I understand that some Nokia phones do work properly but maybe these are Series 60.

Should I give up trying to get the AT commands for SMS to work with a Series 40 phone or am I doing somethign wrong ? Do they work with a series 60 phone ?


Stamati Crook