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    Question Bluetooth connection, how?

    Hello everyone.

    I am thinking in make a application in J2ME that connect a mobile with a pc and send a data with a message.

    How can I do? I need a orientation, tutorial,...

    Thanks and excuss my english.

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    start from reading BlueTooth API.
    this might be helpfull to u


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    Bluetooth access is provided via an optional package of JSR-82.

    If you are new to J2ME, MIDlets and Bluetooth, I recommend to start with a book or tutorials rather than code examples as you will have to debug a lot on your own. There are a lot of bugs, tweaks and lessons to be learnt. Bluetooth is complicated. I do not have a good J2ME book at hand right now, however, start with the references of this one for JSR-82 (perhaps your library has its previous edition) or read at least the PDF coming with the specification. If you like to start with tutorials, continue here…

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    You should read Blutooth Api(JSR-82) .Check the bluetooth demo of wtk for inspiration.
    Better to search google for starting.


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