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Thread: Email storage

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    Email storage

    I'm looking for an api to allow me to set the email account (pop or imap) to be set to use the mmc card for local storage of the emails being sync'd Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    It can be done from the settings screen I know, but I really want to do it from an api if possible so I can control it from my application

    Many thanks
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    Re: Email storage

    I would think that the API will propably be not included in the public SDK, so you could maybe think about opening a technical support case, in which our internal experts can research you use case, and find the appropriate API for it, and if it is determined to require internal API, they will then instruct you on how you might get access to it.

    anyway, I would also have a look into Email DDF, to see whether this setting is handled through device management, and if so, you could try whether the wiki examples could help you on changing the setting via DM adapters..

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