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    Exclamation ALL links on "related" tab not working!

    It looks like there was an update to OVI... Fingers crossed for download counts

    Clicking on ANY app in the "related" tab of an app brings up "This product is no longer available." The apps are accessible from the home page as expected. It looks like an apps content ID number is not the same on the related tab links as it is on the homepage links.


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    Re: ALL links on "related" tab not working!

    Quote Originally Posted by proberts View Post

    Clicking on ANY app in the "related" tab of an app brings up "This product is no longer available."

    I confirm this. I also have such problems with the "related" tab.
    Another problem - after yesterday's update the search in OVI Store does not work at all. It finds nothing on all search queries.

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    Re: ALL links on "related" tab not working!


    I think it's all somehow related to the fact that the URLs of the apps have changed !

    For example,

    Browse for Opera Mini and you'll get to the page:

    which works fine.

    Search for "Opera Mini" and the result points to the page:

    which is broken.

    I used Opera as an example, but I think it applies to many apps if not all (all the reviews are lost too)


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