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    6220: Audio Clip Mp4 corrupt... I hope repairable

    Hello to all, my first message.

    With a 6220c-1, I created a voice recording, but a call is received on the same phone during the record. I answered and then immediately closed the conversation and also voice recording and I renamed also the file recorded. It is over 10MB in size video/mp4 and I can view it from the menu \ applications \ realplayer \ video clips \

    By connecting the 6220 via USB and Nokia PC Suite, File Manager allows me to see the file on the memory card ( E: ) \ Sounds \ Digital \
    In this position there are other recorded clips that run without problems (other records that have not been receiving a call while recording).

    The clip file is not readable with RealPlayer. I tried to export and other programs I tried to listen, without luck. It seems to me that the file is corrupted, the ca. 10 MB available, but the sudden interruption of the recording could have generated a bug.

    I hope there will be a solution.
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