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    Question theme application for moblie using cardibe.c++

    hi, im a collge students and working on an application silmilar to theme DIY, an application capable of running and creating themes directly on mobile phones. There are sorts of question i would like to ask.

    1. What are some helpful tools i could use to develop this application aside from carbide.c++?
    2. Is there any chance that i could see some tutorilas on how theme DIY have been created?
    3. Are there similar applications existing aside from theme DIY that offers same functionality?

    pls help, thanks in advance,

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    Re: theme application for moblie using cardibe.c++

    1. not really, of course you need to get SDKs with Carbide C++, since it is just an IDE
    2. Propably not, anyway, you could try contacting the developer of the application
    3. you could google and see, I have not even used DIY, so dunno really..

    All and all, I don't think you can get that kind of application done too easily for 3rd/5th edition devices, since the platform security prevents you on accessing the theme files.

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