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    How to get application's version?


    I'm going to display my application's version number using InfoWinL.
    (or Standard Note is ok)

    I saw a version number in .pkg file.
    But how can I get the version info??
    (I don't wanna write the info itself directly..)

    I need your help~
    Have a nice day

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    Re: How to get application's version?

    Carbide.c++ cannot really help you with this task any more that Notepad can although in the future there might be such feature added to the IDE (there is such a feature request added to Bugzilla).

    For now you will have to add the value manually or do some clever macro work.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: How to get application's version?

    okay.. hum!
    I think manual adding is better for me~

    Thanks you so much!

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