Hi I have an XML and I have a linear layout component in it which I have to parse and display the contents present in it accordingly. Suppose if I have a text, two radio buttons and the orientation attribute of the linear layout is vertical then all the three things should be displayed accordingly .Same is the case if it is horizontal orientation. I have never worked on layouts. SO if any help on this from anyone with some code samples. My XML looks like this say

HTML Code:
<LinearLayout orientation="vertical">

<TextView>Please tick you preferred languages</TextView>
<CheckBox name="PreferredLang1" value="DE" text="German" selected="true"></CheckBox >
<CheckBox name="PreferredLang2" value="EN" text="English"></CheckBox >
<CheckBox name="PreferredLang3" value="NL" text="Dutch" selected="true"></CheckBox >
How to arrange this items in order accordingly