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    Thumbs down N79 Firmware 20.175 Call Log Problem


    I am using N79 with firmware 20.175 in India & I am facing a unique problem.

    The problem is that icons which show the type of telephone number of the contact in call log are displayed as Mobile for all numbers in call log even though many numbers are not Mobile numbers rather they are landline numbers.

    I have checked first the problem with my contacts & confirmed that Land Line numbers are stored as Telephone & not mobile. But the bug also applies to all incoming & missed called numbers which are not in my Phone book Contacts as stored. It means any land line numbers which are not stored in my phone also shows its icon as Mobile in the Call Log of my N79.

    I checked this problem with my friend who is also using the N79 with the same firmware edition & the bug is also there in his N79.

    Now the main problem arrives when the received or dialed or missed call number is stored in the N79 with different types of phone numbers, e.g. Mobile, Telephone, Tele (Home), Tele (Business), as all these numbers are showed as MOBILE in Call Log of N79 with mentioned firmware.

    So If I received a call from XYZ from his Land Line number as well as Mobile Number, I will have two call logs in the N79 & both will be displayed with MOBILE ICONS rather one should be with TELEPHONE Icon.

    So If I want to dial XYZ's mobile number from the call log, I can not distinguish which is the mobile no & the landline no as both received calls are shown with MOBILE ICON.

    I have reset the phone as well formated the phone with *#7370# code but the problem was not sorted out.

    So It seems to be the Firmware Bug.

    I hope the problem will be resolved as its an important & critical issue with call log application of N79 with the firmware 20.175

    Waiting for the Experts Feedback asap

    Gaurav Hasabnis

    Mumbai, India

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    Re: N79 Firmware 20.175 Call Log Problem

    Welcome to the Forum!!

    This discussion board caters to issues faced by developers. For end users issues and peer support please post your query in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

    Good Luck!!

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