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    How to Increase WRT Stack Size


    I ran into some stack overflow while loading javascript. The wrt stack size seem to be around 80!. Is there a way to increase it?. A simple test done with the following code failed at 80. Earlier I was using some dojo objects esp. dojo.require and this seem to fail for the same reason as dojo does need ample stack space for its working.

    I am using S60 FP2 on N75.

    Any ideas?



    // stack test code
    function recurse(n) {
    if (n > 0) {
    return recurse(n - 1);
    return 0;

    try {
    } catch(e) {

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    Re: How to Increase WRT Stack Size

    Hi rmuralidharan,

    I think it's not possible to modify runtime properties as the recursion limit, as in any other desktop or mobile browsers. In this cases, iteration usually represents the only viable option.


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